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Smart Things new version on Fridge and phone difficult to navigate

(Topic created on: 02-11-2022 02:17 PM)
First Poster

Since my Smart Things app updated on my fridge and phone, I have found it increasingly difficult to perform most simple tasks.

For example:

I connected my Ring device, but the Fridge kept issuing requests for "Live View" that was filling up the history on the Ring app. There seems to be no way to stop it doing this and, when I tried to call support, I was directed to do a search online and hung up on. After an hour, I gave up on this and removed my Ring devices from the Smart Things hub.

Secondly, adding photos to display on the fridge seems to be a task beyond me, something that was relatively simple before the update.

also there seems to be no way to customise your screen and appearance on the home screen.

I used to really like the software on the fridge but now really don't like it at all.

Add to that the version on my phone seems to have next to zero functionality, and who wants to sit in front of a fridge screen for hours?

When combined with the total lack of available human interaction for support, it has put me off this element of the fridge and app completely.

First world problems, I know. but frustrating, nonetheless.