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Adding Samsung wi-fi kit (MIM-H03U) to Single Zone Ducted Split System (AC024MNHDCH with MWR-WG00UN)

(Topic created on: 28-04-2022 04:57 PM)
First Poster

I have a AC024MNHDCH in my condo with a MWR-WG00UN wired controller, and I tried adding a MIM-H03U wi-fi kit to it. Once I got it added on SmartThings, it only says "No indoor unit", although I can toggle it on and off with no visible effect on the unit. The wi-fi kit has solid power and wi-fi lights, even after resetting power and initializing, so I don't think it's having any issues.

I see online some people have similar issues and some workarounds, although I'm not sure anyone has gotten this specific combination to work. Based on this thread, I tried updating 020000 to 020010 in my wired controller's menu which enabled "Central control", although I think I was aiming for "External control" which is still off.

Initially I had trouble getting SmartThings to connect to the wi-fi kit after initially adding it to the app. It would get added, then always show up as disconnected. Setting my 2.4GHz network to a fixed channel (11) seemed to resolve that issue. Hoping I can resolve this one too!

If not, I'll try a cheap generic remote (e.g. this one on Amazon that looks very similar to an official Samsung one), since the MWR-WG00UN has an IR sensor apparently. I'd be more willing to buy an official one if I knew for sure it would be compatible, but I haven't found anything guaranteeing that.