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(Topic created on: 06-07-2022 05:31 PM)
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Re: 2469614 Dear SAMSUNG Team On 27 Jun , I bought a washing machine Series 5+ WW80T554DAW/S1 AddWash™ Washing Machine, 8kg 1400rpm WW80T554DAW/S1 Delivery requested for: 26/06/2022 Samsung offer next day delivery - the service wasn’t performed correctly. Unfortunately, your product never arrive and customer service is very poor, as they don’t answer strictly my questions. Please keep your empty words for someone else, I need clear answer, where washing machine will be delivered? “We will deliver the item as soon as possible once the new replacement number is created” - this answer does not satisfying me. Is absolutely ridicules that you need another two weeks to create replacement number! I has been told that you have one on stock, so please deliver it now, I feel you are robbing me. I don’t really care what is your procedure in case damage items on loading goods for transport because is not my fault and it shouldn’t affect me at all. That situation get me very frustrated, unfortunately also cost me extra money every day due to less rent received from my tenant as no washing machine on property. I don’t need your empty apologies, your service is absolutely useless. I have no more patience, no more understanding for the way how you treat me. Once again, Samsung offer next day delivery – and I’m waiting already 8 days! I pay for it 8 days ago! And you ask me to wait another two weeks! That absolutely unacceptable. This is the highest level of incompetence I have ever experienced. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate a receive a washing machine maximum to 10/07/2022. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait until 07/07/2022 before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or other assistance. Please contact me as soon as possible. Sincerely, Michal Kowalski


@Members_KHGWBHP Hi! If you have not got anywhere with the tracking details available from our website ( then you will need to chase this up further with our Shop Team on 0330 726 7467.

We appreciate your frustration here awaiting your order, but the Samsung Community will not be able to chase this up as a user forum.

We're confident they will get to the bottom of this for you!