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Phone Deals could be better

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)


I'm interested in purchasing your new Galaxy A35 5G and I'm aware there is an ongoing discount of £100 off.

But, I strongly think it could be better.

The trade-in values of older devices  could be better. £50 for a mint, working A52s?

A freebie such as an earbud or accidental cover of few months could have been included.

I don't know if Samsung is living in a different planet but there are other Android OEMs out there that offer deals more often than Samsung, freebies included with the deals (like OnePlus or Xiaomi)  and specs than are far better than Samsung's such as better displays, (a lot) faster charging and frankly faster UI with less bloatware and no first-party app store like the Samsung Store.

C'mon Samsung moderators...what say you???

I can't see forum moderators being able to have a say in what promotions, discounts or trade in pricing you may get with a purchase.

Ultimately it's a £239 (current price) phone so the deals etc aren't going to be on the level of say a S range. They're not going to go too wild on this phone as they're a business and the want to make money/profit.

Tbh, anytime I've looked at products for Samsung I've felt the promotions offered are decent enough. I've had Apple for a few years and got naff all.
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Hey there

You mention that there is an offer of £100 (about 30%) discount already on this device.

What more do you want? A freebie?

I think we are being a bit unrealistic here.

As for the idea of free gifts, Samsung have to look at the profit margin versus sales before offering gifts. On a £229 device, there won't be much wiggle room.
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I would also add, if you feel Xiaomi or OnePlus have a better offer, why not go there to buy?
Honestly, Samsung does some of the most generous and often times insane deals out there. To expect it to do more is just wild. You often have to time your purchases at the right time, but to be honest, they do it multiple times a year, so you typically won't have to wait long before the next great deal comes around. The current deal, imo is very good.

Here's my suggestion for you. Trade in any phone in any condition (or guaranteed trade in) for £50 off the A35. This currently would bring the cost down to £189. If you don't have a cheap smartphone, buy the cheapest one possible on eBay for £8, just ensure it can turn on and retain battery. You would need to do this first to get the IMEI number for your trade-in so you can actually purchase it whilst it's still on offer. Then, once you have done that, sell your A52s on eBay, but first wait for their fortnightly 80% off or £1 fees deal to come around so you can save some money on fees. I sold an A52s for £172.50 on the 19th of March this year. If you managed to sell for even £130 that's only £67 to get yourself a brand new phone.
Quick disclaimers (which I should have mentioned much earlier):
I've owned Android phones in the past 14 years including Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco, Realme, Motorola, Huawei and Sony among others.
I've been on eBay for almost two decades and currently have a 100% feedback rating. And Yes I am aware of the 80% off seller fees and I do check prices elsewhere.
I think we can all agree the quality control of Samsung phones are better than other chinese brands apart from OnePlus and Huawei/Honor which i think the quality has gone up significantly through the years.
I still do think the trade-in values could still be better. There needs to be more "checks" in order to determine the best value not just the typical "Is the screen still working and free of scratches", etc. The trade-in scheme has been invaluable and indispensable to most of us and yes i do agree in a way they are somewhat generous but in my experience (and against the competition) it could be better.
I'm not asking for the moon and the stars as a freebie though with OnePlus & Xiaomi products you get the odd earbuds or tablet freebie with a smartphone regardless if its an early bird deal or Black Friday sales. Things such as...a fast charger, a free case or heck a pre-installed, high-quality screen protector would be very welcome even.
When I asked for the attention of the moderators i meant (also) the administrators and managers who's (supposed) be reading all these forums. But in my years of being in the Samsung Community i rarely had a response from any moderator/administrator/manager. This for me is not good. This for me means that Samsung is not actually listening to user feedback. Why still no vertical app scrolling? Why still no way to hide apps? Why performance takes a dip whenever a third-party launcher is installed? Why no third-party icon pack support? Why still no fast charging? These features are all available & more on Hyper OS and Oxygen OS devices right now. One UI has been left behind in many ways. Yes, i hear you...why not get a OnePlus or Xiaomi device instead? I can and I could. But i still find myself coming back longing for a Samsung phone. Why? Updates are quicker, quality of hardware is still top notch, Speakers are very clear and almost distortion-free, cameras are still slightly better to an equivalent chinese-branded phone, etc. But if Samsung continue the path of not listening to user feedback (why the hell the phones are getting wider and taller for some reason? because its a "trend" you say? That's BS i say.) and always prioritize profits then that may spell trouble in the future from a rich company like Sammy.
People are holding on to their phones longer. More people are purchasing used phones. And people are waiting for the best deal out there. Those are facts.
Samsung needs to seriously start listening and start doing something.