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Disfunctional Rewards Program

(Topic created on: 25-07-2023 08:22 PM)
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I was given points for my purchase of my Samsung S22 last year. They never expired like I was told and recently I entered my account to see what I had. I was actually awarded 40,000 reward points 6 months after this purchase then 2 months later they were removed from my account. Why is the update of reward points not emailed to customers or notified on both my samsung devices?

So I tried to contact Samsung customer service which is an actually terrible ordeal.

I called 0333 000 0333 and they told me to call a different department

Then I called 08009954079 based on what they told me and it wasn't recognised

Then I tried changing the 4 for a 1 and called 08009951079. A very rude gentleman told me that they couldn't help and were the wrong team. He gave me the generic 0333 number and I told him they sent me here. He told me they were the mobile apps and services team

I then called 0330 726 7467, This I was told was the rewards team. I was then given a different number
Finally I called 0330 726 7864 and I spoke to a lady who told me that Samsung rewards expire in 6 months. However these rewards expired in 2 months and she also had no access to my account or samsung rewards figure

During all this I was in a live chat with a service agent who gave me an incorrect phone number and didn't even know which department it was. Quote: "Samsung Members Team and you may contact them via call at 0800 995 1079". This is actually Mobile apps and services team.

I asked for a complaint email and he gave me the email of: WHICH IS NO LONGER MONITORED.

I just cannot believe that a company who has such brilliant products and I tout all the time has so little concern for their customers and such a poor customer service system. It is up to Samsung to restructure their whole system to have one department to call and easy access to information and a fairer reward program. Really leaves a sour taste after spending £1200 on a phone.

Samsung Members Star ★★

I think I'd want a resolution too for so many reward points.  " You have to use your Samsung Rewards Points within 24 months of receiving them. After this time, they will no longer show in your points balance in your Samsung account. "

It would be a pro active move of Samsung to forwarn an account holder via an automated communication.

I wish you well with your journey to a resolution @cmjpask 



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I could not agree more with these comments. This is a normal experience you have trying to get Samsung customer service to help with problems. I have the issues every year when upgrading the phone on the upgrade programme. After last years experience I said never again and I have not upgraded. Ito s too painful trying to get Samsung to help.