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Your opinion on second hand phones

(Topic created on: 30-09-2023 03:36 PM)
Hi everyone,

I hope you are well and having a great Saturday. Thank you to those who commented on yesterdays post re S23. If anyone else has comments on s23 or s23 series please do read my post and keep comments coming! 

Similar thing, however just wondered if anyone has ever bought a phone second hand and what their experiences are/any websites they would recommend? I have had a look at certain places such as BackMarket and MusicMagpie, already. And had a google on best websites to buy second hand tech from. However, Im always a bit sceptical buying tech online as it is, especially buying second hand as I would like to make it last a couple of years, so I decided to message on here and see if you lot have any advice? 

Reason Im asking is because although the s23 price isnt as high as it could be. Spending that much on a phone is a lot for me! At the end of the day, if it means getting a great phone that will last a few years then fine. But Im considering all options before defibitely buying new. So if anyone has had any experiences on getting their phone second hand, please do put any comments below, would love to have as much info as possible. 

Thank you and have a great afternoon 🙂
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Personally I tend not to. Unless it's from a reputable source.
Trouble is some phones will be imported as they will be often cheaper to sell on
A friend of mine bought a used phone and shortly after it was blocked. Guess it was reported stolen. Or was still on finance and the seller defaulted. Seller disappears obviously and he was left out of pocket with a useless device
Really asking the right questions and homework on the seller will give you some idea.
But with a reputable organisation, you usually get consumer rights to help you out if there's any issues

I have bought plenty of used phones over the years, and so far been OK. Partly because Iook into the seller. There are usually red flags you come across if they are OK or not
Ah thank you! I wont be buying from Amazon or Ebay. The websites I have looked at are BackMarket and Music Magpie. I will keep these in mind as I have been. Might pass on getting it second hand though. Will have a look then decide, I wont be uograding til end of October/start of November anyway. Thank you!
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I have sold a small number but would never buy an expensive device through eBay. @Glenntech is spot on with their comments.

Buying through Amazon gives you more security. Likewise maybe look at Giffgaff (owned by O2) as they sell refurbs. Wandamobile can be good too but you'll be buying the Chinese variant usually.

Good luck.
Might look at Giffgaff. Wld be something to consider. Thank you! Didnt realise u can pay in full tho via GiffGaff refurb. Will have a look. Thank you!
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I have brought my A53 and A54 as nearly new in excellent condition from eBay with no issues at all. As long as you make sure the sellers are reputable and have decent feedback scores e.g 100% and more than 100 or so feedbacks. Also check they have a good returns policy.
I always buy my phone refurbished now. I like new tech but I won't spend a fortune anymore. After all is just a phone, why spending thousands to go on social media, play a bit of game and take some picture.... I had the s10 plus before and I wanted to upgrade. I found a s21 plus on the website blackmarket in good condition for 200 £, I sold my s10 plus to giffgaff for 115£. So at the end of the day I've paid 85£ to get a really nice upgrade. The phone was in extremely good condition. But then Its up to you. Do you have the money to buy it new and worry to buy it second hand? Then buy it new. If you prefer spend less then but second hand. S24 is coming so it means s23 will go down in price and you will find bargain on second hand. Be careful of ebay or to buy to a person directly. I would but it on a website where they actually check the phone themselves and give you a warranty that there is no problem with it.