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TMT First complaints.

(Topic created on: 30-07-2022 10:20 AM)
Chris B
Samsung Lounge

Having just been victim to the unethical and shoddy practises of this company, operating on behalf of Samsung as Authorised Service Agents in the UK, I did a quick search and realise that I am not the only person. 

My immaculate phone was sent to them because of a faulty battery. They reported to Samsung that it also requires a new screen and that the "damage" was caused by "misuse"! 

I am going to prepare a portfolio of complaints to present to UK Trading Standards, because this cannot be allowed to continue.

Anyone else with experience of this company (Google and TrustPilot reviews indicate there are lots of you) please post here and I will start collating the evidence. 

ZFold3, Tab s7+, Tab A (2016)
Samsung Lounge

Ready to fight, i have also reported them to everything I can find and Samsung are now in open investigation mode. 

My phone was returned after i refused to pay £279 for a screen & battery replacement when all I needed was a screen protector replacement as mine had started come away at the fold and I was informed by Samsung they would replace it under warranty! Customer service asked of the condition of the phone and I explained the only cosmetic damage is to the hinge cover a small dent and scratches as the official Samsung case does not cover that part of the phone! He agreed that the cosmetic hinge would not effect the screen protector and was fine to send in for replacement under warranty! Also this dent has been present for over  11 months and the screen protector only started to lift at the edges of the fold a few weeks ago and was sent for repair immediately. 

I informed them I have photo evidence of the screen and it better be returned in the same condition with the current screen protector still attached and they sent it back with... 

Get this....

a new screen protector but tried to replicate the condition mine was in but with additional damage to the screen! By what looks like them placing something inside the phone inline with the dent on the hinge and closing the phone!!

This has resulted in 2 bubble spot types of damage to the screen!  Luckily I filmed taking delivery and opening the parcel and the phone to find the damage! 

See the damage on the 1st pic below is how I received it and the 3rd pic (with the phone screen on) is before I sent it in for a screen protector, you can see clearly the screen protector had lifted all the way along the fold before I sent it in, but when I got it back it is magically fixed in the middle with clear signs that something has been beneath it and with these 2 new spots of bubbling!

The 1st pic is a screenshot from the video I took, you can see the new protector fitted and damaged,  the 2nd pic is after a few days of opening & closing it and the 3rd is how it was when i sent it in for the replacement screen protector. 

Screenshot_20220730-132307_Video Player.jpg




Samsung Lounge

Been waiting for screen repair from TMT FIRST since 12th August and still awaiting an engineer to fix. Is a Samsung quality issue as the screen is cracking on the fold, but phone is near perfect condition, very slight scuff in one corner, been looked at and told out of warranty want £300 for repair due to corner scuff even though  no where near screen or the damage on the fold. I've not damaged it so not paying £300 but they will put on free screen protector on! (even though the advice from Samsung is it doesn't need one!) Took 25 mins to get through and "customer service" was awful "its in a que!" couldn't tell me when it might be looked at or nay detail, just have a lot of device to look at... useful.  All round experience with Samsung and TMT First  is shocking. Samsung CS didnt want to know either and palmed off to TMT! Samsung have a lost a customer for life.   

First Poster
Samsung Lounge
Lots of people having the same issue, looks like this is Samsung using a 'get out of jail free' card!
I'm also having this problem. My fiancee saved to buy me the Samsung galaxy z fold 3 for my 50th birthday. I've had it for 9 months and the inner screens suddenly went green and stopped working. Sent it for repair under warranty only to be told its not covered because there are scratches around the edges? I have always had a case on it for protection and screensaver so there is absolutely nothing wrong with the phone. They are saying that the internal screens need to be replaced as this is the part that is faulty but because they have to remove the outer part to reach the inner screens this is going to incur a charge of £500.00 because there are little scratches where the case (which was also purchased from Samsung) has been applied!!
Customer service are absolutely a waste of time as they just repeat the same thing over and over again...."we cant overturn the decision"
So I'm now stuck with an expensive birthday gift that is unusable unless I cough up a third of what it originally cost 9 months ago !! Disgusting!!