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Something went wrong - Your payment was unable to process on EPP site

(Topic created on: 26-11-2021 07:16 PM)
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Samsung Lounge

I've been trying to purchase a TV and a few other items through the EPP site, but no matter what payment card or method I use, a "Something went wrong. Your payment was unable to process. Please try again or contact your payment provider." message is returned.

I don't think the card payments are getting far enough to be blocked by my bank. I tried PayPal and the payment was made, although looks like it's stuck in pending, and on return to the Samsung checkout nothing updated, as if I made no payment at all.

I called support and they said the PayPal payment will be void and they'll return the money in a few days, and to just try again.

The only other "support" I've received is try again in a few hours. I've been trying all day, but same error.

Anyone have any advice on how to get actually purchase something, or who to contact that will be able to respond with something other than a generic "we're not aware of any issue / nothing we can do, try again"?