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My custom notification sounds are not showing up to be selected on my Gal A50

(Topic created on: 29-04-2024 03:30 AM)
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Because this thing is absolutely driving me nuts for quite some time i ended posting here before. 

I have a Samsung Galaxy A50 for some time and however i try, check different settings or online documentation or tutorials. I just can't find a reasonable explanation as to why my custom self made loop notification sounds don't appear in the selection screen to be selected. 

I have installed several mp3 songs on it and i can choose them as a ringtone. But the 10 something custom mp3 sounds i installed are just never showing up to be selected. 

I tried moving them all to the notification sounds folder > nope

Moved them to the music/audio folder > nope

Triple checked every possible setting > nope

Converted all of them from mp3 to other file formats > nope

Installed Samsung music player and not only does he discovers all of them without a problem, all the clips play perfectly fine in it. 

So yeah what is wrong with this model that i can't customize my own mp3 notification sounds on it? I have been able to this on even older Samsung Galaxy models in the past?

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Let's see if we can sort this out. I'm on a S24U, so not sure how much differs in the UI for a A50, so let's do this together :smiling-face: 

First of - you should have them in the "Notifications" folder as you said you tried, but make sure this is in the internal storage.
Screenshot_20240517_102320_My Files.jpg

Then in the application you want to use the custom sound in, go settings, notifications, and sound and you should be prompted to pick a app for selecting the sound. I have Zedge, but for this you should use "SecSoundPicker" (native app for that).

Screenshot_20240517_102439_Android System.jpg


 Then you should be able to see the files that you added to the internal notifications folder; 



If it doesn't look like this in your A50, could you share screenshots on what happens? (you can redact phone numbers or other sensitive data before sharing).