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Google disabling API's for call records

(Topic created on: 29-04-2022 03:57 PM)
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I just read Google is going to disable API that is commonly used to record your calls. That wouldn't be a problem normally with Samsung phones, unless you happen to live in region where Samsung has disabled call recording from their Phone-app.

Legally you can record your calls you call or receive for your own use in Finland, but Samsung has disabled that option on all of my 3 different phones.

Since Google says it's API will be disabled 11th of May, my phone will be useless for work since I want to record my calls with any sales-person(s) I have to contact.


How can I make Samsung to fix it's policy to provide call recordings for it's own app, when it's legally ok, but Samsung don't care?

Pixel has working call recorder, now I have to check if other companies have that option too. Feels like this was my last Samsung phone if this can't be fixed. Policies hardly ever change so I'm not optimistic about that.

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I live in Sweden and have the same question/problem.
Its not always I have paper and pencil at hand when I accept a meeting.
Or in some cases when I and my counterpart have diffrent memories of what was said and agreed.
Then its nice to be able to replay the call.
And in Sweden its legal to record a call when you yourself is one of the participants.
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I have the same concern. I have previously used a callrecorder  since it IS legal in Sweden and it is a great thing to be able to record calls and not have to write things down that was said in a call.  Since I have also been using Samsung pay for quite a while,  I do not want to root the phone. What would it take for Samsung to add Sweden and Finland to the csc codes  where callrecording is allowable in the firmware? Here is a link to where such  csc's are discussed:

I DO want callrecording and I DO want to be able to use Pay, what would it take for Samsung to make this happen? Doesn't seem to be a very big request for Samsung to fix.

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Same problem here also live in Sweden.
Emmi S
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You should be able to download the app, but the recording part should not work. Since it became illegal to record calls (in some countries) and the app shares software with multiple countries it was removed for all.