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Galaxy Watch 5

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
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Nothing official yet but once again the next Galaxy Watch expected to be unveiled in August.    However some speculation and one idea gaining traction is a display that can be unrolled to make it bigger, this is based on patent applications. It is also predicted that the new watch will feature a bigger battery and claims that there will simply be a Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy watch  Pro 5 .   If so  unclear if any variant will have a rotating bezel like the Classic.

See some information here 

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Looking forward to getting the Z Fold 4 and quite possibly the watch to go with it 👍🏻
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Samsung is always about innovation and pushing the boundaries so it's going to be exciting and interesting to see what they do this time around. 👍

I use the Samsung Gear s³ Frontier and Samsung Galaxy Watch ⁴ Classic so I'm not really in the market for a new watch.

And right now my s²² Ultra meets my current needs and my Fold³ is fulfilling my interest in trying out the new Fold concept.


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Looking forward to 5 pro or ultra whatever they end up calling it with large battery if rumours are true , have watch 3 lte which I use at work standalone , battery doesn't last work hours using lte
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