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Feedback [S23Ultra/Buds 2 Pro/Watch 5 Pro]

(Topic created on: 26-09-2023 06:47 PM)
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Once I thought that Samsung was a good company with a lot of resources and support. When my old phone stopped working, the first thing that came to mind was to buy a flagship from a well-known brand (I always liked the Note series). Oh, how wrong I was. Buying a set with the watch 5 pro, buds 2 pro, and s 23 ultra, I hoped to get a complete set that would meet my needs.Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed because the Buds 2 Pro did not have the multipoint function. I constantly had to separately pair devices with these earbuds. In the end, after 2 months, I got myself good earphones from a different brand since I couldn't find a solution to this problem. It turned out that the S23 Ultra does not and will not support the LHDC codec (even in OneUI 6). Next, I encountered an issue with the smartwatch - Samsung Pay doesn't work in the country where I am, and I found out that I couldn't set up Google Pay for quick access (long-pressing the "back" key on the watch). I also didn't find a simple solution to this problem. In summary, Samsung has been my most expensive and biggest disappointment. I didn't expect that buying the best you had at that time would turn out to be the worst consumer experience in my life

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Try the fruit branded company products and see how much more disappointed can be...