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Exchange issues

(Topic created on: 02-09-2022 04:35 AM)
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Ok this is a weird one, 

I'm kind of at my Wits end with this situation. I've owned a G9 Monitor for awhile and it went down recently. I've had several people look at it and have tried every situation and thing I could find online to diag it myself.

After a month of it down and me trying to figure this out I finally try and get someone to come out to look at it/fix it. Well apparently Samsung doesn't do repairs in Orlando Fl which is fine whatever so I call 1800 Samsung and this is when the problems start.

At first I got a pro who transferred me to an exchange person and simple as that. My monitor is still under warranty and he said some shipping company would reach out to me to make the exchange. Okay! Great, I thought, finally I get my monitor back.

Skip to a month later no one has called me or emailed me and I still have a busted monitor so I call 1800samsung again. After 2 hours and 3 people I get to case management because apparently no one else has the info they have or permissions  which is fair. The very nice case management lady informed I was suppose to SHIP my monitor to get it exchanged. I have a G9, CURVED huge monitor. Shipping this without a special box is just bad news. After a few failed attempts of trying to send me a shipping label she tells me that someone marked the exchange COMPLETE??!!....and she is not allowed to send the label anymore. After talking a bit she agrees that this monitor should be exchanged anyways and not shipped...but that's all. I cant get anything else from them other then call next week if nothing happens....What do they expect to happen? I'm not sure.

Sorry for the rant. I just want my monitor and not sure were else to send this. 😞

I hope someone can help me

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Hi @JonathankWood 

As this is the eu Samsung Community Forum you may be best creating a post on the us Samsung Community Forum so that you receive ideas from people in your region. 


I wish you all the best.  😎 

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