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(Topic created on: 29-01-2023 03:52 PM)
Charles From London
First Poster

Hello my fellow Samsung fans,

To start I wish to say that ive been a long term Samsung Fan and that our whole home is filled with Samsung devices, we all love Samsung very much. Sadly we have encountered some problems on the community here. My son who is 13 years old has been active for a while now on the forum here. He currently lives with his mum in London and I am oversees for work at the moment. My wife has told me some disturbing things about our sons experiences here. Apparently from what ive seen hes been aproached by an older guy through private messages, these messages are very s***** in nature and out of desperation ive decided to make a Samsung account to be able to write a complaint on the forum. I really dont wish to go into details because the nature of this complaint is too bad to write about. My sons account has received private messages from @******** , whatever that nickname means is unknown to me, it doessent even seem like an English name. I kindly ask for the Admins / Moderators on this forum to reprimand this user and stop him from further abuse.

Samsung Members Star ★
I am sure one of the mods will be along shortly, you can speak to them and they will investigate the matter

We're sorry to hear about the experience your son has had on our forums, @Charles From London. We take matters like this very seriously. We want all our users to feel safe on the Samsung Community forums. We have PM'd you, so we can investigate this further.