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Community Challenge - Try It, Do It. Then simply share it. Show us your best shot.

(Topic created on: 11/06/21 15:52)
Samsung Lounge

Show us your best shot.jpg


Every month, we’ll set a different challenge for our Samsung Members. It’s an opportunity to share your passions, experiences and interpret it in your own way. Plus every time you take part, you get the chance to win a great prize!


This month's theme is...

Show us your best shot! To celebrate the football-fever sweeping the continent, we want to see what you can do with a ball: from trick shots to unbeatable balancing acts.


What can you win?

There will be four winners of one Galaxy A52 5G smartphone each!


How do you enter?

  1. Take a photo of a location where you would love to work
  2. Head to the Samsung Members application
  3. Go to the benefits banner
  4. Tap ‘Try it, Do it. Then simply share it
  5. Tap ‘Participate’ and upload your photo


When can you enter?

Challenge opens on 11th June 2021 and the last entries must be submitted by 11th July 2021


What are the Rules?

Terms and Conditions are here: