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A series Vs S series

(Topic created on: 04-03-2022 01:20 PM)
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Hey guys hope you all are doing well, i came up with a random question! :face-with-tears-of-joy: don't mind me tho but i wanted to know what series is best A or S not just in specification kindly include all things like prices specifications and other thing so let the game begins!

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Hi @rayyanj  I am fine  thank you, hope you are well 😁.    

I depends on your needs and preferences and budget,The S series devices are flagships and more premium though whilst the A series are  mid range devices and less expensive.  In general terms The S series will have a better build quality, superior design  and are faster/smoother devices.   The A series is fine for some customers though and some of the devices will have many of the features available in the more expensive models. In terms of pricing the most recent flagships the S21/S22 start at around £769 for the base models whereas for instance the A52s (one of the best medium range ones) retail on Samsung for £409.  Many of the mid range devices do have an earphone jack and sd card slot though which recent flagships have dispensed with, if that is important to you.  The cameras on S Devices will be more impressive mind you.  Here is comparison of S21 Ultra v A52s (The S22 range not long out for comprehensive testing) 

An article  here also about the different series 

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