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WiFi 5 GHz Connectivity Issues


Anyone else having connectivity issues for 5 GHz banded WiFi networks? The 2.4 GHz in my flat is too slow so I use 5 GHz for all my devices. My laptop connects perfectly well with fast download speeds and absolutely no WiFi drop outs or connectivity issues. On my laptop, I have full WiFi signal. On my galaxy S10 device, connected to the same 5 GHz WiFi network in same location, the signal is showing as very poor and sometimes the WiFi network does not show up all together. When connected, it frequently drops out and sometimes it shows as connected but displays no internet access? I have not had an issue with other devices connected to the same 5 GHz network such as my laptop?


Anyone experienced simar issues? I have already error reported.


Yes. I had this issue on Android 9 itself and stopped using the 5G version and opted to the lower one as it is faster for me.



I always use 5G at home at cannot say I have faced any issues, I would try seeing if changing the channel your 5G is connected to in your router settings to see if that helps.  

Might also be  worth submitting a bug report whilst connected to the said network so the Dev team can see which config is being used by phone whilst the signal is reduced 

On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders
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Hi @mun_96 


I think I always try to use the 5 GHz network if it is available and so far I did not encounter any problems with the connection.


Thanks for sharing an error report with us!

What could help us more is if you could try to do the following: Connect to the 2.4 GHz network and then connect to the 5 GHz one and then send the report.

Cheers! :fisted-hand:

I get this issue to with my UE48. Won’t connect to 5 ghtz. Finds it but won’t connect. Any advice welcomed.