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Notification Drawer not expanding till the bottom edge of the screen


While I open the notification drawer and swipe it down to it's full view, a small portion of the screen is left uncovered.


My guess is it's a place to leave off the gesture hints (when activated).


But with my gesture hints turned off I believe this should not be happening. Kind of feels a bit weird when viewing this anomaly. Attaching a screen shot as well (best to view with max brightness if not clear). 



Hope this gets fixed. Report also submitted. 


Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hey @Arshaa 


Actually this is not a problem :winking-face:

It has been designed that way, so if the user wants to swipe back up the whole panel, then it can be easily done by grapping the bottom of it.

Well, when I try to swipe up from the gap below it just opens the recent apps menu with the new swipe gestures Turner on.
I am not sure if this is really what we would want with that gap.
I feels it's better off removed.


Just update to the beta Binary 3 and now the behaviour is completely different to what u had mentioned and to what I had posted previously.


That small gap simply doesn't do anything at all now. swiping up from that area just retracts the notification panel to the basic view. That's it.


What is it really supposed to be doing? 🤔