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Notch notifications

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This release has some super cool features, but I do notice unless really am not seeing it that the notifications around notch has not been improved or given any more options.  Is this due in future updates?

Whilst nice that I can have hearts and fireworks across top screen. All I want is a default notification that works when screen off or on and can choose colours. 

I wont use 3rd party apps to do it and have used edge lighting for basic but does not really do anything well.

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Hi @Bwillg,

EdgeLighting+ (Samsung app) has the eclipse function now known as Black Hole  which wraps around the camera, although it is not working in the Beta releases yet.Screenshot_20191028-185653_Edge screen.jpg


On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders


Yeah already use that before beta, but has very limited use and does not work correctly for all apps and aod off.

Samsung keep saying they are putting settings into the stock firmware was hoping would be in this beta.


I think this is something that has been forwarded to the development team already. Hopefully it's implemented in an update soon! 

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Beta Moderator

Hi @Bwillg 


I have already mentioned similar concerns to our development team.

From what I have been told, they are working on a solution for this.

So let's hope they surprise us with something awesome! :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed: