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Fingerprint Issue Fix For Beta guys?


I am aware that Samsung is rolling out the fingerprint issue patch. But does this come for the devices with one UI 2.0 beta on it?


Some info on this would be great guys. Thanks. 

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator


Yup :winking-face:

We would never exclude you guys! :heavy-black-heart:

Enrolled on beta on Monday. Still on unofficial binary and no update available for fingerprint issue. Just me? The binary update has also disappeared from the Samsung Members app for some reason

Hi @smalin 


Please check in Settings, if the update is available for you now.

If not, then make sure to send me a private message and we will figure it out! :smiling-face:

Thank you, all good now 😀

I've been having problems with my finger print think its just the tempered glass protector that I'm using 

Me too, i use whitestone dome and the fingerprint works 20% at a time.

Never had problems with the s9 using glass protector just this s10 only had the s10 a month think I've tried heaps of screen protector