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email delay receiving

Anyone having delays receiving emails.

When receiving emails on computer through outlook, they are instant. But when receiving then on either the stock email app or typeapp or bluemail, there seems to be up to a 10 minute delay. Did not have this issue prior to beta 11.

Checked all the usual.setting and nothing has changed with the apps. Cleared the cache for each as well. I don't have all the email apps running, ingested all 3 of them with all the same issue. Finalised on the best app for me is type app due to my work and signature requirements.
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Yep. The Samsung mail app reliability has massively reduced on Android 11 compared to Android 10.
Often doesn't grab new emails from my Gmail, even though it's set to "as they arrive", and I get a Gmail app notification fine.
I've filed a few reports about mail app issues and so far none have been fixed.
I don't even think they read the reports.. they never fix anything i have sent & when they do fix something it's nothing to even do with what we have all be reporting..

there a joke! slowest company I know to roll out STABLE android 11..

they can't even fix chat bubbles so they atleast work!!
why have all of us testing the Beta & doing reports of genuine issues & then nothing get actioned or fixed..!!!.. let down after let down
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I am sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing 😔. If clearing cache of the apps doesn't help, please submit an error report describing this issue via the Members app. Hopefully, the problem with emails will be quickly resolved! :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed:


already submitted error report regarding this on the 06/Nov, as many other users have as well.