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A. O. D. Clock brightness


The always on clock brightness used to be altered by simply double tapping the clock and adjusting the slider to suit, this function was quick and very useful especially when phone on night stand charging overnight. Will this feature be returned 

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hi @Graykenhill 


This option should still be possible.

Try going to Settings > Lock Screen > Always on Display and uncheck "Auto brightness" option.

Hi, have done that but double tapping still opens to lock screen and not brightness adjustment, thanks

Hi @Graykenhill 


I have just checked that on my device.

When I have this option disabled and double tap the clock on the AOD, I get 2 icons: the cog and the sun icon.

When I tap on the sun icon, it allows me to change the brightness for it.


If that does not work for you, please be sure to send us an error report using Beta Feedback option in Samsung members! 

An update on the update, still unable to double tap clock to adjust brightness / orientation 

Will send error report