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I need help with indoor photography

(Topic created on: 11-04-2022 08:01 PM)
Helping Hand

I would like to ask for some helpful advice.

on 21st this month i will have to entrtain guests, and they insist to go to the local circus show. They will love to make lot of photos of the circus show. one thing i did for them is to reserve tickets for the best places in the tent - the central lounge, closest to the stage, directly on the center of the stage. this should give them better light and better position for pictures and videos. it is absolutely impossible to use flashes and lights, to avoid annoying circus animals and to avoid distracting the circus arists during their tricks. this leaves us with the lights already on the stage and conditions in the tent, and no other choice.

what useful and helpful advice you can provide me to improve the quality of the photos? anything from guidelines how to manage shutter timing and iso settings, what is the relation between shutter timing and iso and other useful guidelines i can use. i know it depends on conditions, and light but still any guide and advice about what rules to follow, what details to pay atterntion to... i expect strong bright ligths on the stage, to illuminate the stage and curcus artists, to make it easier on us, but still a useful advice and guideline will be most apprciated. 

expected phones are 5 s22 ultra, mine is one of them with latest patch, latest camera and lates expert raw apps, and 3 s21 ultra also one ui 4.1, april patch, latest camera, latest expert raw. i know i cam put the s21 and s22 ultra still and use s pen pro for s21 and s22 own s pen for better photos, to trigger shutter remotely, to reduce camera shaking.

thank  you in advance. 

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