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Samsung UFS SD Cards Missed Opportunity

(Topic created on: 24-08-2023 11:34 PM)
I've always wondered why samsung never made their phones accept their UFS SD Cards

These Cards can be used with certain Notebook PCs and devices etc and function at a much faster speed than any other SD Cards on the market probably at least 5 times the speed of the fastest SD cards

It seems a no brainer to have the function of a combined 2nd Sim tray in phones that can take either a sim card or an SD Card capable of supporting UFS

I think samsung missed a trick with this. I do appreciate coming to market with a better alternative after another format has become established is difficult e.g betamax vs VHS but if samsung phones were made UFS SD Card capable then they could have used their market share give the cards a boost and put their devices ahead of the competition 

This could have made UFS the new standard for all SD Cards long term

I'm sure there is a reason but it just feels like a huge missed opportunity 
Black Belt 
The newer smartphone models don't use a SD card anymore only the tablets can do. I have the S22ultra that doesn't but my Tab S8ultra does.
Yes I agree most flagship devices have removed SD Cards, but I think this is mainly due to the consumers of these devices not having an issue with paying extra for additional internal storage, whereas the majority of mid and low end devices still include them as the consumers of these tend to be more savvy and less likely to be brand loyal

I think if capability for UFS SD Cards was included in smart phones it would put them ahead of the competition and make it more desirable as it gives the customer the choice

Especially with the moving over to esims instead of physical sims it would be quite easy for samsung to make the sim tray dual purpose and if the market was there it would create an incentive to develop the technology further

Just imagine if you could get UFS 4.0 SD Card and put it in your phone which performs equal to your internal storage?

End users such as existing SD Card users, peripherals manufacturers etc would be all over it like bees to a honey jar because of the price bracket I.e almost as quick as an SSD but much cheaper?