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Stolen Phone - Catch-22 - 2FA - impossible to erase w/o the stolen phone (I did say Catch-22!)

(Topic created on: 23-08-2023 12:54 PM)

Hi all - well, mainly the Brainiacs at Samsung...

Situation: Phone was stolen


  1. Open smarthingsfind - confirmed, phone is moving and offline (smartthings still can detect it! NICE!)
  2. Lock w/message to the dishonest person (NICE!)
  3. ERASE -- well... that requries 2FA, and... da-da-daaaa... smartthingsfind sends the 2FA code to: THE STOLEN PHONE!
  4. Standard alternative method: Send SMS to... SIM CARD THAT IS IN STOLEN PHONE!

You all see the problem yet?


Of course, when in a couple of days I get another Chip and my telco registers my number on that I will be able to get the code... IN A COUPLE OF DAYS!

You all see the problem yet?


@Samsung - is it so hard to send time-sensitive 2FA in an email to the address that is registered as the Samsung account? Or have an option to register other means of communication? But, anyway that is all REACTIVE!


So, @everyone- How can I proceed with ERASE STOLEN PHONE - now!?




PS! Your message labels system here on the board is also very very under-performing - I can only chose between 2 handfuls and only one of them (Smartphone) is related to this. How about allowing my to create a few labels of may own and help make you indexing for googles better?!

Samsung Members Star ★
Interesting. I would have also presumed you would have option for email

What about Google find? Can you erase via that if it was set up?
Samsung Members Star ★
Confused here, you should have used a different contact address under Find My Phone settings.
Samsung Members Star ★
You can also pop in to the store of your network provider and they should be able to give you a sim there and then, once activated you can do what you need sooner
Samsung Members Star ★
Oh and don't forget to contact your bank if you have banking apps on the phone

My mate didn't contact the bank as he thought his phoen was blocked but they was able to steal 35k and bank won't refund him cose he never reported it to them

He was on Rip off Britain but even with that bad press bank refused, he is out of pocket for 35k