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Samsung s8 plus

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I have received the code to unlock phone. Phone says successful, however next step when in insert a different network sim it asks for sim pin. I've tried 3 times and now says sim network pin blocked enter sim network puk. I have tried putting the puk from the new sim and unsuccessful. I'm at my wits end can anyone help. 

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Superuser I

I've seen past posts on network forums where this happens and it's not really the Puk that is needed as this has nothing to do with unlocking.


But the usual scenario is that the unlock code won't work followed by the phone asking for a Puk !


If your phone won't accept any other network sim cards,  then I'm assuming it's not actually unlocked, and you'll need to approach the network it was locked to for further support.


Samsung can't help with a phone that was locked to a network due to it being part of a contract and now needs unlocking to all networks @Loulou9 



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