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Samsung S8 Calendar Sync issue with Outlook

(Topic created on: 04-10-2020 11:48 PM)
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I am attempting to sync my Samsung Calendar (Which shows to be linked to my main email) to my Outlook email. 


When I open the calendar app on my phone, and click on the three lines, under the calendar tab it shows calendar sections that dropdown. These are 'My Phone' Calendar, 'my google email' (Which I don't use) Calendar, 'My Samsung calendar email' which is the main Outlook email I am trying to sync, another tab for Microsoft Active Sync (Using the same email) and then an Outlook one, for yet again the same email.


All three of the tabs Outlook/ Microsoft active sync / Samsung calendar use the same outlook email, yet none of them will sync my calendar to outlook on my computer because my calendar tasks are saved to the Samsung calendar section, which also uses my main outlook email? 


I have changed in-app settings as well as phone app settings to ensure the calendar, storage, and contacts etc are set to sync. 


But I don't know why I have three sections for the same outlook email on my phone calendar app. 


When I save tasks to my phone, they save under the Samsung calendar to the same outlook email, but will not sync. 

If I change an individual task to be saved to the outlook or Microsoft active sync calendar instead it shows on my PC Calendar.


Is there a way to sync without doing this to every single task on my calendar? For when I change it, there are no options to change the color, and it also creates a duplicate on my phone calendar and not on my PC. 


 It was a laborious task putting all of the information into my phone, I don't want to have to do it again on my email/PC Outlook app. 


So if I have lost anyone so far, I basically want to sync my Samsung calendar to my Outlook, but as there are several sections in my calendar app for the same outlook email, I feel like I may have made it more complicated. 


Thank you in advance for any help offered.