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Samsung S7 Won't Turn On or Factory Reset -- HELP, Please!!!

(Topic created on: 17-02-2023 12:40 AM)
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NOTE: This phone hasn't been used in a few years because of the following problem but first some background on the phone.

It is a Samsung S7. Probably about 7 years old. The phone is in physically perfect condition. No bubbling out where the battery is, no scratches, nicks, or cracks. The charge port is in good condition. 

The Problem: A couple of years ago, in August 2020 the S7 just turned off with no warning. It won't show its charging or turn on at all. I have tried forcing a factory reset and the reboot screen won't come up. 

I have tried a bunch of different things. I haven't however taken it to a professional because i had a new phone, which is now super glitchy. If anyone can offer some solutions or help in any way, I would appreciate it. 

Thanks in Advance.,


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Sounds like the battery needs replacing.
Especially if it's not been charged for some length of time.
Not sure if Samsung will still do repairs on a device of this age. But worth a phone call to Customer Support.
Otherwise I'm sure a third party repairer will be able to help.
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If you can't factory reset the phone which is as deep as you can really go with the phone then this could be hardware based as well as software.

A factory reset wouldn't obviously help with a hardware based issue.

Have you considered visiting a Samsung Service Centre for them to help.

You may find any costing negligible if it's a software based issue.

With a costing then at least you can weigh up the cost of repair to the cost of the phone @ShyMurphy 

An Un_Authorised engineer may cause further issues.

No disrespect to the multitude of people in standalone shops who effect repairs. 

Would you let us know how you get on  ?

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I am sorry but you might need to hard reset your s7 phone
I might put a video on for you