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Samsung galaxy s7 Edge Not updating and saying Error

(Topic created on: 19-03-2021 07:25 PM)
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I'm new in this community. My post is similiar to Post here: , but with an exeption. My phones charging port got damaged by a faulty charger adapter. It somehow killed my charging port. I've been very happy and enjoyed my phone until a few months ago when it got an software/hardware update and didn't install it to my phone. Whenever i try  to install it then it prepares, restarts and then shows the error screen with text error at the bottom. I wanted to try the solution in post mentioned earlier but I can't since my phones charging port died. I just made this post so I could know if I can give this phone to my son without errors or sould I should I just throw it to the trash can. Thanks in advance. 


(btw sorry if my English is a little crappy I'm estonian so it's very hard for me to make a perfect post...)

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Your English is just fine @Speedymarit  🙂

Sometimes if an update has failed then that could be due to not enough resources available such as internal storage.

If that's the case then please delete something that's not used or rarely used.

If a sd card is failing then remove it as this could be causing issues.

Smartswitch may help or one of the other software suites.

Sometimes downloading the rom another way can be a route but must be done with extreme care. There is more information on 

Here are some generic troubleshooting tips …

Clear your phone's System Cache Files by turning your phone Off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phone's System Files and clear the cache. No information is lost this way. You may need to insert your headphones or hook upto a computer with your data cable to get to this menu on the phone. 

If that fails to help then back up and remove any relevant sd card and factory reset.

A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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I do not know much but you may have a older phone to receive updates so you may need to buy a new phone