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S6 broken screen

(Topic created on: 06-07-2020 04:14 PM)
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Hi all.

A few years back my S6 got water damaged so I had to get a new phone. It still worked but would sometimes press buttons on its own etc and half the screen wasn't very responsive. I repurposed it as I run a project that requires android devices, so it automatically does everything I need it to without touching it.


As it's been plugged in charging for a year or so now, the battery bloated and I did not want to take the risk of leaving it plugged in. I bought a replacement battery and attempted to fit it myself. The battery seems to work fine, as I get the LED indicators at the top, but it would seem I've broken the screen somewhere along the way as there's now no display.


This shouldn't really be a problem as like I mentioned the phone is set up to do everything automatically without any human assistance but it would appear it won't actually power on correctly any more. After powering the phone on it doesn't seem to get anywhere, and doesn't connect to my wifi like it should do. As I can't see the screen I've got no idea what it's actually doing. The LED at the top is only ever red, or will stay pulsing blue until I remove the battery.


So, is there any way to mirror the screen without any software installed on the phone? Or could anyone shed some light on what my phone is doing? If it's dead it's not the end of the world, just wondering if there's any way to salvage what's left :smiling-face:




Hi, maybe with adb shell

There is a lot of topic on the web
(for example here)


Have a good day

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It could be thst the initial issues after water entered into the phone has increased due to the internal boards eroding @jxs Or the work carried out since has caused it's own issues.


As far as I'm aware it's going to need Os on it to function.


Might be time to let it go to Samsung heaven.  😞


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I tried multiple times connecting it to my PC through USB it wouldn't see it. But, I left it on overnight while it was doing whatever with the blue LED pulsing, when I woke up there were no LED indicators on at all. Tried the power button again and it seemed to turn itself on perfectly fine - still no screen working though :face-with-rolling-eyes:


Used adb/scrcpy and could see it was functioning as normal so no idea what the blip was all about, maybe some recovery mode where it was doing something on its own and I just didn't give it long enough before?


Anyway, all seems fine now, thanks for the suggestions :smiling-face: