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Quick Access broken after update + Emojis not being read out anymore

(Topic created on: 17-08-2020 03:04 PM)
First Poster

My mother is blind and uses a Samsung Galaxy Cover 4S as daily driver. However with one of the most recent updates (not to sure which one exactly) two features got broken. 


1) Quick Access does not work properly anymore

Settings -> Accessibility -> More Settings -> Quick Access (Not to sure about the names as my os is in German)

When I toggle Quick Access from OFF to ON pressing the Home-Button three times brings up the Quick Access menu, which is useful for quickly enabling / disabling VoiceOver or inverting the colors. However if I reboot the phone (Turn it off and then on) pressing the Home-Button three times has no affect (aside from brining me to the Home-Menu). I then need to go to the Settings once again, disable the Quick Access Menu and enable it again. Then it will work again properly until I reboot the phone again.



2) VoiceOver and Talkback do not read out emojis anymore

I feel like this is an issue on Googles side and I've already posted about this here on the google forum. 


Can anyone reproduce or even help with this issue? 

Thank you in advance!



More Info: 

Android-Version: 10
One UI-Version: 2.0
Phone: Samsung Galaxy XCover 4S (SM-G398FN)
Country: Germany