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One ui2- note 8

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After seeing the list of phones that will recieve the android 10, one ui2 update i realised that the very capable note 8 wasnt on there. I understand samsung dont give their flagships more than 2 major software updates however i beleived that this time it might be different. I remember the launch of this device and i thought finaly samsung are doing the right things after the downfall of the note 7. So i assumed one of the right things might be continued customer support for more than 2 years.  

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Unfortunately looking at tech blogs and Samsungs own schedule the 8 models are not on the list.Screenshot_20191129-054007_Samsung Members.jpg


I think if this stands then the phone should still get security updates and minor software updates still.


A person can look at Custom Roms but they need to be very aware of the possible pit falls of doing so such as not choosing the right rom and possibilities of an unstable phone and in the extreme a non working phone. There is some good tutorials on xdadevelopers.


Disclaimer > A person decides to use a Custom Rom at their own informed discretion knowing the possible issues.



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