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Note 8: How to copy files from Secure Folder to external device

(Topic created on: 26-11-2022 05:34 PM)

I have an old Galaxy Note 8, in which I used to keep my work files in the Secure Folder and personal files in the outer disk area. I cannot see a way of copying the files in the Secure Folder to an external device - e.g. USB drive or a PC - without destroying the timestamps on the files.

I also have a Galaxy Note 20 and on that, I can open the Secure Folder, then insert a pen drive into the USB-C port of the phone and then open a good file manager app (e.g. File Manager +). The File Manager + app inside the Secure Folder can then "see" the USB pen drive and hence I can copy the files on Secure Folder to the external pen drive, preserving the original timestamps. No problems there.

However, I cannot do the same thing on Note 8. It seems, on Note 8, the File Manager + app (or Samsung's own My Files app) inside Secure Folder is not allowed to "see" the pen drive.

I know, I can move the files out of the Secure Folder into the non-secure area and then copy them to USB drive or a PC. But that destroys the original timestamps on the files and each file gets a new timestamp, which is the time they were moved out of Secure Folder. I don't want that to happen. Timestamps are important on my work files.

Does anyone know a solution without resorting to third party apps please?