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Note 8 grey scale widgets


Hi all first time ever on a forum but in desperation so please be gentle with me. I've had a Samsung as long as I can remember. My note 8 was working just fine until last update, I had to change and replace one of my 7  direct dial contact which is pretty standard procedure.

Unfortunately the move or delete function is now in grayscale not allowing this me to proceed any further. Spent a lot of time on web / this blog and Samsung support with no joy at all. Even through there tutor app working there magic still didn't help. On further investigation I noticed that all the widgets were un accessible. Samsung suggests a full factory reset, this I do not want to do.


Any help on this would be very appropriate 



Superuser I
Superuser I
Try this:
Settings》apps》3 dots upper right corner》show system apps》select Phone app》click on Storage》clear data.
Hope it helps.

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