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Is Samsung trying to lose customers?

(Topic created on: 11-08-2020 07:20 AM)
First Poster

I've qualified for an update to my Samsung S8 and I'm considering another brand. Why? Because Samsung is so tied into Google and their diabolical Android updates that I'm tired of finding my settings changed and apps I've paid for not working. Example: Total Recall. No longer does it record both sides of a telephone conversation. Example: Sounds. The sounds I've paid for and used for various apps no longer work. Samsung also pulls the same trick with our Samsung Smart TV. Apps no longer work on our model but will if we buy a new Samsung. It's the kind of cheap scam Apple used and Microsoft still uses. I see no reason to stick with Samsung (we also have tablets experiencing the same thing) as long as they treat customers like a blank cheque. So if anyone from Samsung can help I'd be more than happy to be helped. Otherwise I'll be replacing all of our Samsung products with another brand. Thanks.

Helping Hand
no matter what samsung will always have customers, The s10 and s20 camera on phones have been a complete joke nothing like advertised but still they sell always, I was highly let down by their product and just get told updates will fix my issues which it didn't and I'm stuck with their product for another 9 months in contract, never again, Im looking to buy a new TV and usually always went Samsung but after the s10 and s20 being like a scam Im buying an LG TV