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Do all Samsung phones work as well with your there Samsung products?

(Topic created on: 04-07-2020 06:40 PM)
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I currently own a tab S4, the original active watch, and original galaxy buds. It is time for me to get a new phone and it makes sense to me to get a Samsung. I don't want to spend too much money but what I really want is a phone that works well with all my devices. One that can do all the cool things I see Samsung talk about. Like connecting my calls to my tablet, instantly recognising my galaxy buds, and being able to turn on my mobile hotspot from my tablet. Originally I was considering getting the M31 as that has just become available here in the UK. But I am concerned that this phone will not sync up to my other devices as well as an A series phone would?


Would the M31 work as well with my other devices and what  is the best £300 (or lower) costing phone could/should I get.

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In my experience all my Samsung products sync and connect seamlessly with each other @Blayze42 


It shouldn't matter what model of phone you buy as long as the hardware and software support it.


I have a Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch, Samsung Galaxy Buds and Samsung Tab A that all connect just fine to my Samsung Note10 + 5G with no issues.


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