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Distorted sound on s8 after the pie update+opinion on ONE ui

(Topic created on: 28-03-2019 10:17 PM)
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So recently I updated my phone. I deeply regret doing so. My main problem is that whenever I listen to music (speaker or headphone) the audio on the higher volume levels gets distorted. I use and have used poweramp and my own equ preset and nothing was noficabld vefore the update. I'm a big an audiophil so it REALLY irritatse me that I can't use my preset.





And here I want to express my hatred towards ONE UI. Honestly.... this is a piece of s... Features like the hidden nav bar, pull down from corner to open an app in popup are gone for some reason. The new multi tas window is inconsistent and annoying. Notification bar now comes down t the bottom of the screen so its impossible to adjust brightness with your thumb. Als the nav bar icons are like on a crappy no brand phone. Heck the whole phone lost its professinal lool and feel. It's like a  toy now. I'm so pissed with this... honestly I don't know why would anyone like this better than the one before......