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Dialer and power button problems with Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

(Topic created on: 19-12-2020 06:23 AM)
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I have been facing multiple issues on my  Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. This started happening out of the blue after a factory reset. 

Issue #1: When receiving incoming calls and the device has the screen turned off, the device rings and vibrates but does not show anything on the screen. Clicking the home button does not do anything. Clicking the power button not once but actually 2 or 3 times shows the phone display. A little reseach shows that checking the dialer settings and going to the App Info to configure settings solves this for most people HOWEVER my dailer does not show up under All Apps in App Info. Weird.


Issue #2: When the device display is turned off, clicking the power button once turns on the two navigation button backlight and nothing else happens. Clicking it multiple times turns on the display. This happens every time. Before any one says its a buttons issue I would argue how does the navigations buttons light up?


I tried doing a firmware reset as well and its fully updated to the lastest software. I do not understnad what's going on or what to do. :(((( Can someone please help!? 

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Hello @Tetra_Acid 


That's not good at all  !


Can you get to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre  ?



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