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Crashing apps/enabling a disabled system app

(Topic created on: 23/03/21 22:56)
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How do you enable a disabled system app? Apps have neen crashing since yesterday. Following the instructions to update /uninstall webview app. When i get to the system app i can see the app is DISABLED. I cannot figure out how to ENABLE it in order to sort out the whole thing! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I'm crying here😭
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Same here now...I'll see how today goes!
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Hi all,

Very much appreciate everyone who has both reported this and helped advise on fixes. 

To keep stuff clear and coherent for you, and to better see and advise any issues with advised fixes you guys may have, we’ll close this thread and ask you to please check out and add to this thread here:

Cheers. :smiling-face:


But before I close it, I'll leave this here in case it helps:


Update Webview and Chrome
1. Open the Play Store app (If there is an issue of opening/ searching in Play store go to Guide “Force Closing Google Pay “
2. Search for: Android System WebView
3. Select the app in the Play Store and then choose to update it. (If the option to update is not available in the Play Store, the app is de-activated and you should follow steps a - e below, before continuing to step 4.)
a. Open Settings in your phone and then select Apps.
b. Find Chrome, select it, and deactivate the app.
c. Reopen the Play Store app and follow Steps 2 & 3 as the update option now should be available for Android System WebView app.
d. After the update is completed, open settings in the phone again and then select Apps.
e. Again, find Chrome, select it and choose to activate the app.
4. Now open the Play Store app and search for Chrome.
5. Select the app in the Play Store and then choose to update it if an update is available. If there are no available updates to Chrome, then you already have the latest version installed.
6. Restart your device.

Force Closing Google Play
If update get stuck in play store when searching for updates, just spinning and not finding anything. This can be solved by force closing Google Play Store, so just test the following;
1. Open Settings
2. Go to Apps
3. Open Apps and find App Google Play Store
4. Tap Storage and clear Data and Cache
5. Return to App details
6. Click Force quit
7. Relaunch Play Store (might take a while to open as all data has been cleared)
8. Go back and folow step 1-6 from guide “Update Webview and Chrome”