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Calls problem, no volte, no android updates

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Hello, I have a Samsung Note 8, really good phone. When i bought i did not know that is the uk version (i'm from Romania). I can make/receive a call and if it works i'm not hearing the other person or they don't hear me. The internet works ok but poor signal like all the time. I changed sim cards with other peopla and i think it's from the phone not the operator, no volte option. Is there anything i can do about this? and for android update to 9 or 10 the only way is rooting?


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Superuser I

Unfortunately importing a phone that was initially released in one country then to be used in another can present issues with certain features not working due to it's software.


You could look on xdadevelopers to look at custom Roms.


Be careful if you proceed in that you choose the right rom and follow the process carefully.



A person chooses to use a Custom Rom at their own informed decision in the understanding that things can occasionally go wrong causing potential problems such as instability etc.



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