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Basic function - Pinch and zoom on a picture

(Topic created on: 24-03-2021 08:15 AM)

I am coming from the iPhone world, and now have a Samsung Galaxy M31 with Android 11.

I can't quite pinch & zoom in a picture, like I used to on the iPhone. On iPhone, essentially the tiny picture between your thumb and index gets bigger as you move apart the 2 fingers. But the 2 original points on the picture touched by your thumb and index, remain the same on the picture.

On Samsung's Android, pinching between the thumb and index and moving apart the 2 fingers does zoom in, but not centered on the piece of the picture originally selected between the fingers.

I don't know if this is a bug, or if this is the same behavior across all Samsung's Android smartphones. 

I also heard about the patent issue between Apple and Samsung on the pinch & zoom feature, and understand that there may be some differences in the implementation. However the way my M31 behaves when I pinch & zoom is much less intuitive and is annoying. Feels like giving away something.