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WhatsApp checking messages notification Always on display

(Topic created on: 11-01-2023 09:41 PM)
First Poster

I have a S21 FE. I configured the always on display to show notifications for new messages. This works fine. 

Except for WhatsApp. Sometimes the screen lids up for a few seconds with a WhatsApp notification and then the notification disappears and the screen goes black again.

When i am quick and check what the notification is WhatsApp tells me: "checking messages". 

I understand that it is normal behavior for WhatsApp, but it is annoying that the always on display lids up, goes black en the notification disappears because you don't know if it is a legit notification of a new message or the notification of checking messages.  This happens 10 times a day, not very pleasant if you think you have a messages but it isn't one.

I understand that this can be turned off with disabling the notification for "other notifications" for WhatsApp but that has the disadvantage that if there is a problem with checking messages you would never be notified about it. 

Is there a way to work around this? Of there is a minor delay for this notification in combination with the always on display ( i.e. 5 seconds) then the display won't come on and WhatsApp did his thing en has checked ot messages.

The always on display is not a thing I like (extra battery consumption) but with the lack of a notification light on this phone it on is the only quick way for me to see if there are new notifications.