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The S10e is unstable and broken after I upgraded to Android 12.

(Topic created on: 18-12-2022 01:34 PM)
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I decided to do every update, including the Jan 1st security update, after I learned that you get a notification when microphones and cameras are used. The updates have completely destroyed my phone, everything has crashed, and there are bugs everywhere. Here are a few examples:

1.(For bank apps, I need notifications to pop up)

2.There is a problem with the YouTube app and YouTube music that doesn't work or crashes constantly

3.I need to cancel a subscription to Google Play Store because it did not open up 10 minutes ago

4.The Google Chrome browser crashes or is extremely sluggish and laggy when browsing

5.Sometimes internet connection stops working while my phone is locked, and I do not receive any notifications from Whatsapp until I open the app and open my phone

6.None of the named applications are available for adding to Never sleep apps

Basically, things have been a mess. All apps were tried, every generic solution was tried, cleaning cache/data, relogging, restarting the phone numerous times, and Safe Mode was tried as well. Tried everything. YouTube, for example, cannot be reinstalled since it came with the device. Regardless of what settings I found related to anything, such as unrestricted background usage, etc., I browsed through them all. I cannot do a factory reset as I have many authenticators (either personal or from work) and the banking app and they require a lot of phone calls to set up. A fix for this update needs to be released ASAP as I understand that I am not the only one with a lot of issues after the update. Even a factory reset is not guaranteed to work after an update. These issues are likely caused by Samsung's latest software update, so either Google or Samsung should be notified.