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(Topic created on: 22-08-2021 06:50 PM)

Hello everyone. I am here to give you some advice, of how to make One UI 4.0 better. Let's talk about the animations. First of all, One UI's animations are trying to be similar to a normal Android. Also, I have noticed, that when you are for instance opening an app, you should wait until the animation of the app opening finishes, and only then you can start using it. The same with closing an app. You should wait until the closing animation will finish, and only then you can start surfing through the home screen. For example, we can see how Apple inc. made their animations work. All animations are independent, you can have two animations working at the same time. For example while the animation of the app closing is working, you can already start to surf the the home screen, without waiting for it to finish! Secondly, when the app is opening or closing, we can make the wallpaper zoom in and out too! It will make the interface fill helping you, or just to work natural, and we already had that feature in One UI 2, but we got rid of it... Also when we are opening an app, we can imagine it be in real life. To see how it should work to feel natural, just try move your finger towards your eyes and away from them. While making this procedure, you should notice that when your finger is in front of your eyes, it should make a natural blur background, and when you are moving your finger away from your eyes, this blur effect should go away. We can make the same blur effect with the One UI 4.0! When you are opening an app, the background would get blurred, and wallpaper would zoom in too! And finally, I would make a note a the animation of closing and opening an app itself. The animations of opening and closing the app should be the same, or it will fill unfinished or unbalanced... And the last thing a would comment, is the animation of opening the Recent Apps. When we are opening the Recent Apps in One UI 3.1, we see that the recent apps by them selfs are coming in front of us, but why the app icons and the home screen in the background is flying away and we can't see it? The apps can just move a bit away but not disappear. Here we could use the natural blur effect, the recent apps are our hand in front of our face, and when we look at that hand and focus at it, you can see the natural blur behind  your hand. Thank you for reading this post! I hope that Samsung One UI 4.0 will have this features. P.s. I have written all this stuff, because now I really think that One UI is a not good competitor with IOS or Other Operating systems... I really want One UI to be the best! 

Big Cheese
I think with one ui 4.0 they should change the status bar icons. Signal battery ect to some new ones. Had the same ones now since the galaxy S5, I prefer they green battery 🔋 icon they used on the S4.