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Screen Burn-In

(Topic created on: 26-08-2021 11:53 PM)
I just got phone repaired by my mobile service provider for a cracked back glass panel and screen burn in, It's been under a week and there seems to be more burn in marks on the screen? What am I supposed to do with it and why are samsung phones so prone to screen burn and why aren't they fixing this issue?
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Hi @DylGMD 

Fortunately I've never been affected by screen burn but I have friends who have and appreciate how frustrating it can be as one's eyes are drawn to it.

A case of not being able to unsee it once seen ! 😒

May I ask Was the phone repaired by an authorised Samsung Service Centre  ?

I ask as they will have used an official Samsung replacement display panel.

Some unauthorised engineers use 3rd party options that can sometimes be inferior and can subsequently have issues.

Just to mention … Using an unauthorised engineer will invalidate the warranty.

What I've found is that having something static for longer period showing on the display such as like widgets coupled with a longer Screen Timeout setting can cause screen burn as the icons / widgets are shown on the screen for longer keeping the pixels lit up.

Personally I have my phone set to 2 minutes timeout and the widget I use is the clock.


Really with technology advancements we are seeing on these phone's I'd expect this particular issue to lessen but unfortunately at the moment with some display panels this can still happen which is why Samsung in my experience will provide support to a phone that shows signs of screen burn as long as there's no other signs of damage i.e damage from an accidental bump or water ingress.

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organic led screens suffer from burn in. LG had pixel shift technology for their phones and still have it on their TV and PC monitors that use OLED. Samsung appear to have overlooked this unfortunately so you will always get burn in off static elements like the navigation buttons and status bar. You can use swipe gestures to get around the navigation bar but apart from that, not much else you can do really if you use the phone a lot. Brings back memories of burn in on old CRT monitors
I am on network 3 who repaired it through their insurance programme. Display seems to be official samsung with the protectors pre installed and the 120Hz feature, did a HDR test etc to confirm this