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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Baterry draining

(Topic created on: 04-02-2021 06:14 PM)
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Hello, Im Samsung customers from last year, then we took galaxy s20 ultra 5G, and we also included the update program, so this January I received an invitation to take advantage of it, so we did, we ordered the new model galaxy s21 ultra 5G.The new phone came last Saturday or 6 days ago, but we have a problem with the battery, the specification is the same as last year, but it manages to last only half the time compared to the old one, I did my own research on the internet, there are other people suffering from the same problem, I tried everything I could find as advice on how to extend battery life, such as:
- using resolution FHD+ not WQHD+
- I have excluded all notifications from the applications
- we use the adapted screen refresh
- I chose when charging the battery using only fast charging and not super fast
- the phone has been updated with the latest software version
- 5G option is disabled

Even with all these measures I have listed the battery life is very miserable.
In general, the phone is not used for anything special, Internet, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok.
in the morning the phone is removed from the charger and is fully charged, it is used for about half an hour, during the day it is almost not used because I am at work, I go home and now there is only 50% battery, I would say that in total for today I have been on my phone no more than 1 hour, mobile data off, I do not use Bluetooth, WI-FI is off.
I do exactly the same things, and I have exactly the same life habits and behavior as before, and for comparison I will tell you that my old phone galaxy s20 ultra 5G lasted two days on a single charge, the new one galaxy s21 ultra 5G can't last one day. Please advise me what to do?  

Thank you in advance

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Hi I have the same issue with my S21 ultra 5G battery. Should I return my phone to samsung store to change a phone ? Should I try to reset it and using it without all my old data that I did import from my last S8+ ?


Screenshot_20210208-081858_Device care.jpg

 this is my battery consumption after a full charge. I was expecting to get more than 5 hours of screen on time.

I used smart switch to transfer stuff from my old phone to the s21, but I did some reinstalling after. Doesn't seem to solve the battery drain concern.

I hope Samsung takes notice of people complaining. People expect good battery life from their new flagship as other tech reviewers get up to 9hours of screen on time but us normal users don't even get to 7hours.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Right but you have to remember the YouTubers are using these devices in optimal conditions, mobile signal/data off, WiFi only, low brightness, no app switching, no location updates, no calls.  You're getting 5.5, with an hour of gaming, what looks like a decent amount of call time and almost 30 hours of device on with over 10% left. Have a look at the YouTubers actually taking the phone out for the day and using, they all say it's not a 2 day phone, unless it's with light usage.

If you're out and about (i.e. your phone is moving, your phone doesn't enter deep doze and is constantly pinging for signal), so that's 1-2% an hour without touching it. Do that for 10 hours and you've lost 20% which doesn't contribute to screen on time at all...

Some people are having legitimate concerns with longevity, but I've never used a flagship device that's legitimately given 2 days of heavy usage in one charge 

Edit - in reference to Sai, can't comment on OP as no screenshot of usage

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It's really frustrating, I got a new and supposed to be the best phone on the market but turns out I should have taken an iPhone Pro, I really can't believe I have to charge my phone at 14 o'clock not even using properly.