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S21U on lock screen crazy flickering issue when brightness below 30%

(Topic created on: 21-06-2022 11:29 AM)
First Poster

When my brightness below 30% (was 20% previously, I think it goes higher after time) my screen starts flicker when refresh rate changes. I can see flicker when touch and when release, wait until it goes to 60 or lower hz.

It's really bad for my eyes, I would have seen if happen earlier. The refresh rate changes really quickly so if something changes on the screen it starts flickering crazy... It is not possible to record with a camera, nothing seen.

I don't know what occur it, but since it started the phone has 2 or 3 updates, nothing changes (maybe become worse). When I recognized it happened only very low brightness, like 10% then 20% and now it's about 30%.

If I go higher brightes it stopps immidiately. It only happens on lock screen (doesn't matter if unlocked or locked), when I unlock the phone everything is perfect.

My phone still has warranty but I went in a Samsung Store and they didn't know about this issue. I don't want send my phone to them, wait 2 months and it comes back with the reason "Nothing is wrong"..

What should I do? Anyone has/had the same issue?


EDIT: forgot to tell, it is an EU Exynos version (if it matters)