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S20FE after S8+

(Topic created on: 15-07-2022 10:25 AM)
First Poster

Hi happy peeps, first time poster, just felt I had to vent, so apologies in advance.

Late last year (2021) I bought a new (from Harvey Norman) S20FE, following on from my trusted S8+.

The S8+ was by far the best mobile phone I have ever owned, sadly after years of faultless faithful service, it slipped out of my pocket from a height and landed face first onto concrete. The only phone I have ever damaged.

I bought the S20FE on the advice of sales staff.

The biggest disappointment I have ever had with a mobile phone. From day one the touch screen has dead spots all over it, sometimes it interprets a swipe with a touch and vice-versa or ignores any touch at all, the touch screen makes texting and messaging extremely frustrating, often apps don't run properly, task bar disappears for no reason, occasionally freezes, etc etc etc etc. So many bugs and faults it is an embarrassment.  

I would consider I have transitioned from the best to the worst phone ever. Even a Huawei I owned a while ago shone over this S20FE.

So disgusted in this S20 I doubt I'll ever return to Samsung, overpriced junk.

Ok, rant over, back to your usual program... :smiling-face:

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Hi @AussieHoppy and welcome to the forum  👍

The forum is here to be able to give advice, learn and yes to " vent " too.

In hindsight.....Personally if this was happening from Day 1 of owning the phone I would have requested a new replacement under a relevant cooling off period.

A person shouldn't have to experience negative experiences from such a newly owned phone.

Some generic troubleshooting tips on a phone after the cooling off period are....

The phone you chose is generally a good stable phone however as with all tech some units can be flawed and needs to be dealt with.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face:  


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