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S20 FE 5G Wifi Calling Weirdness

(Topic created on: 29-08-2021 11:20 PM)
Mista B

Hello. New member so go easy on me! 

Need wifi calling because Signal on any network here is just ***** (and yes, have ordered a bunch of PAYG sims and they all have issues - location, house etc). 

So - I've just received an S20 FE 5G (replacement for a Note 4!), came from Vodafone but has been factory resetted because of Corporate security requirements. It 'appears' to be unlocked because I've put a Vodafone, Sky & Three sim in and all work fine and register and i can receive calls. 

So, onto issue 1 (now fixed) - Vodafone (Business) - Initially Wifi calling wasnt present at all - not even a button on the phone. After some discussions with Vodafone & Samsung (Samsung said its not the phone, its a Network Operator issue), did a lot of restarting and sim updates, eventually got it to work... Vodafone had to 'do something' = they wont say what. 
So, Sim 2 (Vodafone) now works perfectly with Wifi Calling. 

So, onto issue 2. Sky. I have Sky Mobile as personal number and picked this phone as it has dual sim etc. 
Tried to get it working using Wifi calling - wont activate. Icon there, says its active for Sim 1 (Voda is Sim 2). So, i thought, "phone sky" get them to turn it on, blah blah etc.

Lots of conversations later and me blaming Sky, turns out its not Sky... 

If i put the Sim in another Samsung (A12), Wifi calling activates immediatly. 


So back to the drawing board.

If i put a THREE Sim in, either on its own, or with the Vodafone sim card in Slot 2 - wifi calling works! 

Its as if it doesnt like the Sky sim! 

And note, to test wifi calling i've been turning on flight mode, then activating wifi. 

So, to summarise...:

  • Put Voda Sim in alone - Wifi calling works
  • Put Three Sim in alone - Wifi calling works
  • Put Voda & Three Sim in together - Wifi calling works (on both)
  • Put Sky Sim in alone - Wifi calling doesnt work
  • Put Sky Sim in with Voda Sim - Wifi calling doesnt work on Sky, only on Voda
  • Put Sky Sim in with Three SIm - Wifi calling doesnt work on Sky, only on Three

If i do the above on the A12 though > All hunky dory and Wifi calling works on all three networks. 

Any ideas ladies & gents because im seriously getting frustrated now. 

Phone is all up to date etc. 


Get a Motorola. Ots a proper a driid system unlike this galaxy s21fe which comes with no ringtone at a. Never rings. Just beeps.

Did you ever get a solution on this? I'm having some annoyances with a new S20 FE and WiFi calling at the moment. My summary is:

  • Asda SIM installed in S20 FE - Asda have now made three attempts to get this working, the WiFi calling options do not appear on the handset.
  • I take Asda SIM and insert it into a new A12 phone, A12 immediately gets two CS messages from Asda Mobile, which I install, WiFi calling options appear.
  • I take a Vodafone SIM from an A20e which has fully working WiFi calling. I insert this SIM into the S20 FE - no WiFi calling options. Remove SIM, reinsert into the A20e, all working again.

Asda seem to be trying - but cannot get anything working with this S20 FE. But they are beginning to sound like they are running out of ideas.

Mista B

Yup. It was Sky. I had to manually add the APN settings after escalating to Sky directors.


Thanks for the reply - I'll keep on at Asda then 😃