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Promotion - late claim due to (difficult) circumstances

(Topic created on: 18-11-2021 03:03 PM)
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Hi there

Bit of a saga  (my sisters say my messages are like a letter from a Victorian Lady :o):

Encouraged by free Galaxy Buds pro and SmartTag offer, (pre)ordered S21 Ultra 16/01/21 from Very on interest free credit.  Came 26/01/21.  Promised (teenage) son headphones as his ones cheap, old and "rubbish". Claim due by 27/02/21; thought I had submitted claim but in-laws, uncle & Godfather passed away same month so rather stressful and difficult time.

I was then hospitalised for a considerable time with Covid (despite vaccination due to previous pneumonia), followed by further  serious illness and hospital treatment.

When talking about Christmas my son mentioned how I completely missed his birthday in June this year - it was really heart breaking.  FYI he wasn't complaining.  He was saying what a bad year it had been, how sad he is  about things that have happened for our family (especially for me) and it was good to be able to look forward to next year - I lost my job due to the length of hospital stay and sickness absence but have got a new one.

I don't have any memory of some parts of the year so asked him how his Buds had worked out, thinking they would have arrived at some point and been opened.

He said nothing ever came and I now feel terrible - he's had all this nonsense to put up with without even the bit of stuff I had planned. 

Obviously I was not in a position to follow up and was oblivious.   I can't find anything to say I claimed but I did notice on community feedback that people had to chase up or resubmit due to demand.  I had so much stuff in emails when I got back to looking at them, etc. I deleted lots of stuff, so there may have been something about it I should have done in all that. 

Does anyone have any experience of claiming so late in the day and/or if there is a direct contact I could explain this to and plead my case? 

I'm not bothered about the SmartTag - ironically I was going to give it to my mother-in-law to stop her misplacing her keys.

Any advice or suggestions welcome!



@Members_qp5lR7C: I'm so sorry to hear of the circumstances you have endured over the course of the year, as I understand how difficult this must have been for you and your family. I have had a look into the claim process for the Galaxy S21 pre-orders and sadly, due to the time that has elapsed, the offer has now ended, and the claim site is no longer active. I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help on this occasion, and wish you all the best.